Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Experiments in Vintage Crochet - Part 2

My journey in re-discovering crochet continues! After completing Experiment 1, I stuck to the shrug theme and went ahead and tried this one out. Looked reasonably simple:

You too can purchase this 1950's Sleeve-Shrug PDF here from Cremetarian's Etsy shop!

So, how did it go this time? I think it turned out rather nicely, even if it was (again) a little bigger than anticipated, but I'm kinda enjoying the slouchy shrug with this changing weather!

The pattern was actually quite simple to follow, and was a matter of making a rectangular length, doing a cuff then fastening off, starting again from the first chain, and mirroring on the other side, you just gather up the back a bit and sew up the arms, and voila, you got yourself a Sleeve Shrug! This came up pretty quickly after spenidng a windy afternoon at a car show sat inside the car!

I think this is my new favourite :)

If only I could be bothered to make up the tassles, but I will soon, when I'm not distracted by the next project!

Posing it up at the Old Steine in Brighton on my way home from work:

The great thing about this pattern is once you've made it up once and know the measurements of the bits, you can make this up in any kind of stitch. So for the next one I'm going to attempt it in a lacy shell stitch, but in chunky wool as it's all I could find at the charity shop on the way home. Plus it makes up a lot faster ;) impatient as ever!

And a few close up's back at home:

I think I've decided to make this my year of crochet and focus on trying to make up my own patterns later in the year once I've mastered a few of these. So keep your eyes peeled for more experiments, and please do let me know if you have any hints, tips or your own crochet projects!

In other crochet related news, I've just attended my very first Hairpin Lace Crochet class at Super+Super HQ in Brighton in a 4 week course. It's AMAZING! I am so excited about next weeks class where we will learn how to join up all our little bits of hairpin crochet. I stupidly forgot to bring my camera, and wine, along to this week's class, but will do for the next and will be reporting back on my progress :) They run all sorts of creative classes as well as vintage swap shops, pop-up shops, blogger meets and more. Definitely worth paying a visit next time you're in town.

Anyone else been busy crafting away over the rainy Jubilee Weekend?

Shrug - Made by me!
Dress - Dig for Victory, Brighton
Shoes - *cough* Primark *cough*
Bracelet - Antiques & Collectors Fair, Rottingdean

Much love from soggy Brighton,



  1. Its so lovely and is the perfect match for that dress!! You are so very clever, I only have to look at a crochet pattern to get the fear, they look sooo mind-boggling!

    Wow Hair pin crochet sounds intriguing, I have not heard of it before, it sounds very dainty and tricky, bet it looks fab though, look forward to seeing your results:) x

  2. I have a bracelet like that in a clear color. I never wear it though. My wrists are tiny and it looks huge on me :-(


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