Monday, 18 June 2012

Roses are Pink...and so is my dress!

Well these roses were anyway!

I've been a little quiet on the blog front, but for good reason....I was prepping for the Brighton Boutique Charity Fashion show, twirling and wirling my way down to my undies (yikes!). It's been well over a year since the last time I stepped on stage to wiggle my wobbly bits, and I have to say, I was a little terrified! But more on that later this week, just waiting to get some photo's in that are from the most flattering angle possible ;) hehe.

So I picked this little pink number up at our local Barnados Charity Shop for £25. Yes, steeper in price than the average charity shop, but this was a 50's Carnegie, beautifully made, and happens to go with all my other pink bits and bobs (even though pink is my least favourite did I end up with so much pink in my closet?!). Anyways, I'm quite taken with it, all its gathering on the bust and the lace details (should have taken a close up, I know), and it fits like a glove. This, my dear, is an investment piece and I shall be keeping this until the day I die...or at least until all that cake catches up with me and I can no longer squeeze into it!

Hair and make-up was done courtesy of the lovely make-up artists and stylist at above mentioned fashion show. And it lasted even after getting all hot and sticky on stage!

Should have ironed the back....damn it!

1950's Carnegie dress - Barnados Charity shop, Brighton
1950's wool fleece jacket - Lewes Flea Markets
Petticoat - inherited
Shoes - *cough* Primark *cough*

Mucho updates on the progress on my hair-pin lace crochet adventures and shimmy shaking to come!

Much love from Brighton,



  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeous, especially with the petticoat.

  2. That dress and the setting are superb! Glad the fashion show went well. x

  3. What a lovely dress it was definitely worth £25 and what a perfect setting too:)

  4. Thank you Girlies! The Mister's mum does have a lovely garden :) will spill all the goss' about the show tomorrow ;) hehe xxx


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