Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shimmy Shakin' what Mama gave me!

First off, I want to say a massive thank you for all your lovely comments on last week's posts. I was actually really nervous and felt a bit shy after posting those pictures up. Wasn't sure how you were going to take it! But you have said nothing but kind words, in a week where I really had to overcome my bum and thigh complex, because I was about to bear all to a rather larger audience than I'm used to!

And also welcome to my new followers! I promise, there will be some un-burlesquey and more crafty posts to come. And I have finally hit, and gone past my personal target of 75 :) woop woop! This means I need to get organised and run a long overdue Give-away! More details on that later this week!

Last Sunday I was very lucky to take part in the Brighton Boutique Charity Fashion show, being held at Oceana on the seafront. Jenny Mearns, the brains behind the super cute pin-up lingerie shop Frantic about Frances asked me to open up her show on the day (she's a brave girl, she'd never even seen me perform before...but then not many have! Must make more effort....). Aaaanywho's....we met last year at the Vintagebrighton.com's 1st Birthday, and I have kept my eyes peeled on Jenny's site since, and watched the collection grow into the amazingly kitch cute line it is now!

She made me an outfit, even picked out the music, and I had about 10 days to make up a routine in ready for the show on the Sunday, yikes! However, many frantic email back and forth leading up to the event, we had a last minute run through when we arrived and then spent the morning getting our hair done, faces painted, and panties positioned.

Here's a sneak preview from behind the scenes, with the models just having gotten into their outfits, how cute are they?

Needless to say I was exceptionally nervous. I haven't done one of these shows since the Royal Wedding themed one last year, and that was only to a crowd of 20 people, this one was to 200+ *gulp*

So how did it go? Apart from having horrible visions of falling off the stage straight into someones lap, legs feeling like they were about to melt away, it was actually extremely liberating!! I had such an amaazing time, and now I remember why I did it last time! The stage was super narrow...it was a catwalk, but I'm proud to report I got through it, no one was hurt during the perfomance (apart form my parasol which is now looking a little worse for wear), and no nipple tassles came flying off. Hurray!!
So here are some piccies taken by the lovely photographers from the day:

Backstage, seconds before going on. love those bows on the front of the corset!!

And in chronological order .....If you switch through them quite quick, it might look like a movie....it's worth a try anyway : P

Photography by Patrick Le Garsmeur

Photography by Patrick Le Garsmeur

Photography by Patrick Le Garsmeur

Photography by Malcolm Tam

I'm looking forward to helping Jenny again in the future, and if any of you are in Brighton this Saturday, make sure you head down to the Mesmerist, she's going to be holding a sample sale of all those lovely knickers!!

 Much Love from Brighton


  1. hi there i just found your blog, its fabulous, good for you, you look amazing doing your routine, you are so brave you must have felt great when you did it, i did burlesque lessons last year but gave it up when i got a bit poorly but hope to give it a go again now, i love your hair it is a gorgeous colour, great great blog kisses from your new irish follower xx x leonie

  2. Ooooh la la Miss L.J!! You look totally utterly gorgeous, strutting your stuff! xx

  3. wow, well done Lady J.
    Dita von Teese said in an interview that you should never point to
    the parts of the body you dislike, people won't notice them unless
    you keep telling them, I think that's a brilliant advice,
    you are a gorgeus women from head to toes!!!

  4. Thank you all for such lovely and encouraging comments :) i really really appreciate it, they really make my day! And Miss RB, I will definitely listen to your advice in future and keep my trap shut, like you and Dita said, if you don't point out, how will they ever know? hehe



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