Thursday, 21 June 2012

What to wear to the office today? - the challenge

Now the sunshine is making a welcome return, I've got more time to make a bit more of an effort in the mornings getting ready for work. Getting up at 6am is always more motivating when it's sunny out! I'm setting myself the challenge of wearing heels at least twice a week (I get lazy, and it's faster to walk to the bus stop in flats. More of a lie in for me! ) putting on some nicer dresses and doing up my hair. I might even crack out my new 50's suit next week....

So here's result number one:

It's super sunny outside and I'm stuck in the office all day, so sunny clothes are in order! I don't often venture into Beyond Retro in Brighton anymore. I used to, when it wasn't so busy and they had lots of nice bits that weren't too expensive, but then it got really trendy, it got crowded, and the prices seemed to mysteriously shoot up....they were trying to sell a 1950's prom dress that was cream, covered in lipstick and red wine, with tears through the netted for £80! I even asked if they would reduce it as I would have to get it cleaned and mended, and they flat out said no. There's obviously someone out there who would buy it, but not me, although it was a stunner, no longer wearable
:( BUT I did get to find this 1940's dress for £ how does that work? Tiny little mark on the hem but blends in with the pattern, bargain in comparison! It's still worth a rummage on occasion, although you gotta dig pretty bloody deep to find it!

Lunch time at work. Thank goodness I have a colleague who doesn't mind induldging me in our break outside! Thanks Moni :)

Work's got used to me now over the years, but I do get some funny looks on occasion from passer's by!

Much love from Brighton,



  1. What a bargainous treat! Looks lovely :) Long may the sun stay!

  2. Ooh that dress is so pretty! I've been looking for officewear but have to wear mostly black, yours would be way better! :)


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