Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vintage Hair Lounge visit Harlem Hair, Hove

On Monday, I joined the girls for an afternoon being models for a training session run by the amazingly talented Gloria and Sharon of Vintage Hair Lounge, at Harlem Hair in Hove.

The team spent a busy afternoon curling our hair into beautiful vintage styles, some of us receiving 1940's pin curls, 50's victory rolls or 60's beehives. I had no idea how many layers went into making these styles the proper way, it was incredible to watch them all slowly building up. Now I truely understand why girls used to say they couldn't come out, they had to do their hair! 4 hours later, with make up done and hair perfetly in place, we went downstairs for a little photoshoot with photographer Scott Chalmers.

Here's the first picture they've posted up so far :)

As soon as they've finished loading all the other girls, I will share them all with you, you have to see their hair!! Jaw dropping stuff I tell you!

Hair - Anna Lewis
Make-Up - Molly Dickie

Dress - Oh! So Vintage, Isle of Wight
Cardi - Made by Me!
Bracelet - Antiques Fair, Rottingdean

Harlem Hair will be offering Vintage hair styling in the future, so next time you are planning a night out in Brighton, I would thoroughly recommend you go pay them a visit. I have been waiting for somewhere in town to start doing this, and my prayers have finally been answered! I'm sure I'll be visiting them again, can't wait to see next time's creation :)

Jenny Mearns of Frantic about Frances was also having her hair done on the day and she had THE most amazing Beehive. Being all dressed up at 5pm and nothing to do, we had to go for cocktails with the boys after! It would have been silly not to ;) hehe. Naughty Naughty, drinking on a school night!


I even managed to sleep with a headscarf on and keep the front up the next day! That hair was rrock solid, perfect for a windy day at the seaside.

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. I never put 4 hours into my victory rolls, about 5 minutes maximum for me! Oh my! You look immaculate. That dress is gorgeous. And I want to eventually try a beehive, but I don't really have the skill yet.

  2. It looks absolutely fabulous, and I have major vintage envy for that dress! x

  3. awww thank you! It is my fabvourite dress, but never gets worn out because the cotton is soooooo fine and delicate, I cried when I ripped a whole in the underarm last time :( must not move about so much! hehe xxx

  4. Wow, I seem to be starting every comment her latley with Wow and this is no exception, you look Amazing! xx


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