Saturday, 23 June 2012

What to wear to the office today?

The morning after the show, having slept in a headscarf to try to keep in the hair-do', I wanted to wear something a little more snazzy, but office like, since I had to go to work (boooo!). So I grabbed my sheer black blouse with big frilly sleeves and collar and turquise green sparkly skirt (I swear I did iron it before I left at 6.30am, but a day running round the office soon reversed the effect).

Just a few quick shots taken in our basement patio. This is about all the sunshine we get down here. As you can see, the plants don't like it much, but then I haven't been trying because of this crappy weather we've been having. If any of you green fingered ladies (or gents) have tips on what to grow in a very shady garden, pretty please do let me know! I want to find me some pink flamingo's to stick in the bath tub, have the BBQ sitting in the corner waiting for some good weather, the bar is fully stocked, it's the summer soltice this week....come on sunshine, I'm waiting for you impatiently!!
The Mister was trying to make me laugh....hold it in....hold it in!


Vintage Blouse - picked up at a pop-up shop
1940's Skirt - To Be Worn Again, Brighton
Belt & Shoes - New Look

Much Love from Brighton,



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