Friday, 29 April 2011

Bluebell Baby

I'm guessing many people will be writting up about today's big Royal Do', so after glueing myself to the screen, decided to make the most of it and see the bluebell forests for the first time.

Arlington has a wonderful Bluebell walk & Farm trail, and the proceeds go to local charities and fund raising efforts.

Stupidly, I left the memory card for the camera at home today, so had to play around with my phone camera instead. The views were incredible, and I can't wait to go back again very soon, trusty memory card in camera this time!

We went and gave the piggies some tummy scratching love, and the sheep too! Then headed off into the woods. It was the Mister's idea as he'd been there when he was a kid and has always loved it, and so do I! I really recommend it.It's so relaxing and all you can see around, through the trees, is a carpet of blue.

So, did anyone watch the wedding today? Or where you not interested? I sort of felt a bit like I HAD to watch it or I'd really regret it afterwards...know what I mean? But I did kinda enjoy it ; ) heh. And yes, she looked truely beautiful in that dress! Well done Kate, and good luck!

On another note, I picked up these trousers from Primark yesterday, and I'm rather impressed! I haven't actually been up the high street in months, and was surprised to find these hanging in a corner. I think I might invest in a second pair, knowing from experience that primark doesn't last terribly long! Find anything good on the highstreet recently?

Much love from Brighton,


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