Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kristy Devine Photography

I've been trying to get back in contact with some long neglected friends, and recently met up with my old college buddy Kristy.

Now, unlike myself, she has kept up with her photography, and my word, I wished I'd done too, judging but her blossoming talents.

I invited her round to my place last week to do a couple of test shots for her recent project, and below are the outcomes!

I love them and cannot wait to head down to the beach with her when the sun decides to come back out again (pray for the weekend!). No idea what she has in stall next but lets find out!

It was so good to finally have a catch up, although I suspect the beach will be even more fun, fuelled by a drink or two, or three!

If you want to check out some more of her work, she has a flickr account HERE. I'm trying to persuade her to have a go at take some pics of Tilly too, and I hear she may be doing a spot of Burlesque portraits in the coming future too! Yes Please!

Looking forward to seeing her again for more than just a cup of tea this time! So if you see a couple of giggling girlies on the beach this Sunday, you know who it is ; )

Much Love from grizzly Brighton,


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