Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Upcoming Boot sale - Brighton Marina Sunday Market

I've gone through my wardrobe and decided I own far too many things that I hardly ever wear, and hopefully someone else might find more joy in them. Also, having just bought a whole load of stuff, I have run out of space and need to clear out a few bits and bobs.

Apart from a selection from my wardrobe, there will also be a load of stuff the Mister will be getting rid of, some bits that might need a bit of repairing, shoes, handbags, even a Picnic set and wicker basket!

If you're in Brighton on Sunday, perhaps for the Marathon, head on over to the Marina bright and early and you will find the Jardin family losing their boot sale verginity. Everything will be rather cheap as I just want other people to enjoy them more than I can! And I know how much more enjoyment you get when you know you got a bargain!

Here's a sneak of what will be on offer:

And here is what will NOT be on offer! I forgot to mention in my last post that my Mum decided to pass these down to me as they were too big for her. After years of drooling over their website, I finally own my very first pair of Miss L Fire shoes : ) they sit up there whenever I'm not wearing them, they are just too pretty to hide away. But they came in a gorgeous box and their own little cary bag. In Love.

See you all Sunday morning from 6.30am!

Much love from Brighton,


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