Friday, 22 April 2011

Wheels Day - 2011

Thanks to a tip off from the Mister's Mechanic, we spent today basking in the sunshine at Wheels Day in Aldershot. A bit of a drive, but that's never a problem with Tilly!

We brought along two very good friends of ours, Alex and Gen, taking their car show virginity! The Beagles joined in th fun too, so Tilly really was going to have to prove she'd be up for next years euro road trip.

I'm going to have to keep the posts for the next 2 weeks rather brief  unfortunately, as I've fallen victim to dreaded RSI. My right hand is curently bandaged all the way to my elbow, I've been given painkillers that don't seem to be working, and I've been banned from sewing and typing (alright, a little is allowed!) and realising that trying to rest my arm for 2 weeks is seemingly imposible after just day 2!! However, I will not let it stop me and I thoroughly enjoyed the show today!

On to the show. 1000 cas were expected, along with a load of stalls and even an autojumble! Enough to make everyone happy! There were performers and bands all day, so I would recommend it to anyone who fancies a great day out next year! I'll let you know a bit further in advance about the next ones, would anyone like to go to one too? Anyone know of any classic car shows in your area? Always wanting to know of more : )

It gets a bit picture heavy here, but as my hand is aching already, I think I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Alex found a rather large spanner!

Started off the day exploring the stalls, then made our way around the cars, bikes, and anything in between! It was a little overwhelming and I didnt know where to look at first.

can you spot where the car inside the car is?

Also came across some stock cars...I think it's time to get back down to Arlington for a spot of Banger Racing...yes please!

Came across an interior furninshing place too, but just look at this chair!! Gen and I couldn't resist striking some poses on them, want one please!

This was the first time we have actually been able to park INSIDE the show, as we finally classify to enter and show our first classic, the lovely Tilly Triumph.

Did anyone else go along and get any good pictures?

PS - the weather has been AMAZING the last few days! Bring on the rest of the Weekend!

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. Looks like a lovely day and your dress looks gorgeous on you kitten!!!
    Im always looking for classic car shows too but rarely find them. Luckily there is an excellent one really close to me. It runs every year over August bank holiday at Knebworth Park, near Stevenage, just north of London. It's well worth going and there is usually a lot of American classic cars and some good old english ones too! A few stalls and bits and bobs aswell :D

  2. OOh that sounds interesting, do you know what it's called? I think I'm going to get organised this week and make a 'to do' list of car shows and vintage fairs for this summer!

    Let me know of any quirky things you might come across!



    Yes indeed i too need to get myself more organised with car shows and vintage fairs. I am always missing them! This car show is over the 2 days and usually a fair number of stunning cars turn up. My favourites in particular are 50's American chrome beauties and especially buicks. Not sure what you are interested in but there is usually something for everyone here. xx

  4. ok, thats spooky, I literally looked that car show up at lunchtime at work today, and here you are posting up a link but a few minutes later!

    I had a look and it seems like the perfect outing! Tonight's task is coming up with a list of shows I want to go to, so keep your eyes peeled, and let me know if you come across any more : )

    thanks again!



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