Saturday, 2 April 2011

All Systems Go!

Finally, after hours trying to fix it, the laptop is fixed! Woop Woop!

So on to clearing up the major back log of posts I was meant to put up all of last week. Rather compressed as some of these are from 2 weeks ago (bad me).

2 weeks ago it was pay day, which, as always, means a trip down the North Laine. Anyone in Brighton knows this is the hot spot for Vintage, and you can pretty much guarantee that if you go with a shopping list, you will be able to find at least 75% of what was on that list after reaching the end. However, it can become quite costly.

Instead of hitting up the usual places like Beyond Retro and To be Worn Again, I decided to head over to Snoopers Paradise instead, as it had been a while and for once I had a bit of a larger wallet...dangerous territory!

Picked up 2 bra's, having stripped two of the manequins...poor ladies are now starkers!!

One white:

One black:

this one needs a bit of tightening...a little too loose...

did also pick up some rather unsexy knickers too...I thought it a good idea at the time as they are old school suck it all in pants....but after getting them home and trying them on over my usuals...they were a tad big and frumpy and will be joining the pile of vintage to take down to the car boot sale in 2 weeks time....not for me, but maybe someone else?

The Mister spotted this rather lush wrap around top....loved the fact two girls had passed it by because it had a size 14 label on it.....vintage sizes are not the same as modern sizes! Marilyn herself was a size 14 and she was NOT what a size 14 looks like nowadays. Good luck for me! Another little bargain to add to the wardrobe.

Also got another suspender belt as my old one is looking a bit tired.

The same day we popped off to the Pioneer Run, and watched all the old bikes chugging in from London. We've been along a few times before, and I always love the designs, and knowing how passionate the owners are about their bikes. They put a heck of a lot of time and love into them, as you can see!

And to top it all off, the sun shone all day long! What a perfect day for a trip from London to Brighton on a  vintage Motorbike.

Much love from Brighton,


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