Saturday, 16 April 2011

Thrifting on a sunny afternoon

Nice Bike!

We've got the beagles again this weekend, so I thought it'd be a good idea to walk them through the Laines, via Upper Gardener Street Market of course! Managed to pick up a few treats for the pricely sum of £3 each :) happy days!

Also spotted a few gems around town that I am praying will be there next week as my wallet doesnt quite stretch that far until AFTER payday...don't you hate it when that happens! Am not letting the cat out of the bag as those pretty things will be mine, hopefully.

So here's what I ended up with. The stall holder told me they were bought in bulk from Italy, so it was a big old mish mash of stuff, ranging from a load of deadstock topshop men's bits, to some quite striking (nicest way I could think of!) 70s shirts with huuuuuge collars. But I'm in desperate need of new cardis and casual tops for dog walking and just mooching about in.

I love the little cherries on this one:

Unfortunaetly I think I will need to loosen the sleeves on this one...don't you hate it when it all fits, but the arms are just a tad too tight? I fear my arms may turn blue from loss of blood otherwise.

My favourite was a little purple cardi with the cutest little buttons. I need a replacement to my white one as it needs a bit of tlc.

As the weather was so nice, and the seagulls had been kind enough to grace Tilly with their excrement, we pootled down to Black Rock on the seafront to give her a bit of a clean. The Mister couldn't resist adding some more stickers at the same time, so the beagles and I had a little snooze and a read, followed by some impromptu photos of me 'driving' the car. One day I will get my licence...Thank you to the Mister for taking such nice shots tonight :)

Oh and the hat was also a find at the market today. Love it. Probably because its German too :) now I just need to find a dirndl! hehe.

Off to investigate some hauntings around Brighton on Monday, wish me luck!

Much love from sunny Brighton,

I am so cruel to those two dogs, but how could I not? Poor things!



  1. such adorable photos of the beagles.
    i'm currently going through a cherries phase as well.
    and the colour of that red top is really lovely.

  2. Those poor (beautiful) beagles! What next I ask, reindeer antlers at Christmas??


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