Monday, 7 March 2011

Curly Girly

Last night was one hell of a restless night. And yes, it was down to those damned rollers! But as they say, no pain no gain!

Having got rather flustered with my normal set on a new hair cut (this was 2 weeks ago and I'm still struggling to style my hair even after just a trim), I thought I'd give a new technique a try. I usually set my hair after a shower, before I go to bed, so my hair has enough time to dry before taking it out. But whenever I brush it through, it just turns into frizz. I prefer it the day after, when its calmed down a bit. And then I came across this fantastic blog by Yesterday Girl. Feeling inspired to give it a go, here are todays results!

Please excuse the weird expressions, I'd literally just walked through the front door after a busy day at work and looking a little windswept. Add to that, the first time I've used the self-timer on my camera, and it only gives you the option of 2secs!! How does that give you any chance?

I like to call this 'The Startled Deer'
Sorry for the heavy cropping, you do not want to see the state of my room *shudder*
And in other News, I wore my new dress I snapped up at Frock Me yesterday. My collar seems to be wanting to have a life of it's own today...

Anyone else come across some good hair tutorials? Big love to Yesterday Girl, I'm really enjoying her blogs, and wish I'd come across them sooner. A real hidden Gem!

Much Love from Brighton



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  1. hair looking awesome and I love the dress!! what a find!!


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