Monday, 7 March 2011

Frock Me Vintage Fashion Fair - Brighton

Frock Me returned to the Corn Exchange again yesterday. As if Saturday's shopping wasn't enough, yesterday was sure to prove a little hard to stop myself splurging after having been so good all month.

I'm trying to get over my fear of asking people if I can take a picture of them; I always fear they'll think I'm a tad odd! So I cornered a few people who really stood out to me and made me smile:

the lovely Roxlene

Can you believe, she made the suit herself! One of my many to-do's this year.

I was told these were from Tights for Sore Eyes...I want some!
and their owner!

One of the many exciting stalls this time, very nearly bought a 50s skirt suit from here

I do love people watching, and Frock Me is one of the best places to do so. All the stall holders are great help, and really know their stuff. And it always surprises me how many of them remember the Mister or I from previous shows, and pick out pieces they've thought of for us! I've earmarked THE most amazing dress suit from Harrods I've spotted there for the past 3 events, and I've decided that if it is still there the next time Frock Me is in town, its mine! Quite a bit above my normal budget, but it is amazing. Fingers crossed for next time!!

Stopped for a quick cuppa and a slice of sponge cake (yum!), a second swoop around, and off we went, several bags heavier than we had arrived with.

It was such a beautiful day out, that we decided to take advantage of it and go home via a stroll along the seafront to the pier and back. Here we are messing about on the Pier:

Brighton Beach

The Mister

So on to today's finds! First up, a 40s/50s Wool Day Dress, wore this baby to work today! Fab teamed with a tweed jacket and little brown kitten heels. Not bad for£8!

A little spot on the skirt of the dress, but i'll try and find out how to get rid of it. Any tips?

Next up was a dress labelled up as 80's, but the only thing remortely 80s I could find about this was the shoulder pads! On closer inspection, it looks more like a hand made, silk 40s wiggle dress, for just £10. I can never be bothered to queue to change at Frock Me, so its always a bit hit and miss, but for the last few months I seem to have figured out my size and can take a pretty accurate guess if it'll fit or not....and this fit like a glove! Bit of a contortion act trying to get the damn thing back off again, and then realised I hadn't taken a photo of it on, and it wouldn't fit on the manequin for some reason....

Anyway, here it is, looking rather less glamorous on a hanger:

I know, I told myself I wouldn't buy any dresses as my New Years resolution was only to buy the absolute essentials, and make everything else. So shoot me! How could I resist?

Also picked up a really big feather broach for £3:

I'm thinking hat...or scraf?

And some essential stockings. I get through these far too quickly and always get upset when I ladder them. Need to be less clumsy.

And last but not least, a handy bag for all the Car Shows coming up:

Anyone know how I can rotate pictures? Struggling a little.

On the subject of car shows, if anyone is about on Saturday 19th March, head down to Madeira Drive on the Seafront. For the first time, Ace Cafe will be playing host to InCarNation. Expect to see Classics, Hot Rods, and Bikes galore!

I am so excited, I did a little dance when I spotted and add for it a few weeks ago! I've always loved the Ace Cafe Reunion, in September, but I'm a Car Girl at heart. Bikes are cool, but cars are cooler! So for Ace Cafe to finally be holding a car event...YAY!

You'll find me there, getting far too excited and ducking inbetween the crowds to get a better look at everything.

Did anyone else pop down to Frock Me yesterday? Find anything too good to resist?

Much Love from Brighton



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