Sunday, 20 March 2011

Late Night Hair Styling

Just a quick one as it's a tad late and I have work tomorrw, super early. But I popped back up to see Paula at Hair Essentials in Burgess Hill today as she needed to style my hair for the Wella Hair Competition.

She not only styled my hair but also did my make up, and then headed over to Photo Box in the Martlets for an impromptu shoot. I wasn't expecting a full length photo shoot, so hadn't changed frome earlier, but I think the Green went quite well with my hair : )

earlier on in Brighton

Also popped round the the parents and had a play with their new dog Maisy. She's a Jack Russel Chihuahua cross from Brighton RSPCA. She's very sweet indeed, and was so excited, she peed all over my new shoes!!! Oh well, puppies will be puppies, at least the wear leather so wiped clean!

Will post a proper Update tomorrow as we went along to the Pioneer Run on Madiera Drive today. Very Very good day and lots more thirfts  : ) my first outing in a bullet bra tomorrow me thinks! A little nervous, might make me a little self concious at first, but I've been waiting a little while now.

Good Night from Brighton!


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  1. the hair is just fantastic, i think the green dress is beautiful..i love that shade of green!


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