Wednesday, 2 March 2011

To Dye, or Not to Dye, that, my dear, is the question!

 So I'm stuck in a bit of a conundrum...

Those who know me will know that I have been contemplating dying my hair for a few months, but putting it off to see what my real hair colour actually looks like (its been a good 12 years since I've seen  what my hair looks like au naturel!).

So off I waltz to the hairdresser down the road, who the Mister's Mum has been going to for 28 years, to get a chop after 2 years of avoiding it, telling myself it'll grow longer, but got to the point where the ends were so bad I could snap them off! A haircut later, and about 3 inches off, finally, all my own hair now!

2 hours later, the phone rings....Mum....her hairdresser is looking for a model to do a vintage hair cut and dye for this years Wella Hairdressing comp. The only problem is....they want to dye it....and red....

I have mixed thoughts on this. I've gone red before, BRIGHT pillar box red when I was 17/18, but do I want to go there again? I've changed a lot since then, learnt many a lesson or two, and feel that now I finally have my own hair, do I really want to go back to the bottle?

I remember it being such a chore to dye my hair at home the whole time, and although they will maintain my hair for free throughout the whole comp, I wont be able to afford going to get it done proffessionally after that. And red is a very high maintenance colour to boot!

I've loaded a few old pics of myself when I had red, and various other coloured hair (why am I doing this? Now everyone can see what crazy stuff I used to do to myself when I was a teen!) however embarassing this may be, but its all in a good cause...


To dye, or not to dye.....

(Just before I turned 18 - THE reddest I have ever been! Silly me went straight from blonde to THIS)

(Taken about 2 and a bit years ago, last time I dyed my hair)

(I told you I used to do some crazy shit to myself....what is with that make up??artistic? perhaps...a good look? perhaps not. I obviously used to have far too much time to spare judging by that make up!)

(on a work trip....when my roots grow through I tend to look like I'm going grey)

And me today (with my  new specs! more details soon!) excuse the excess frizz after a day at work...

Much Love from Brighton


  1. i wish i could dye my hair, but not until i'm 18. i would if i could. but if you're feeling uneasy about, than maybe you shouldn't. if you're having it done professionally that thats a bonus and i'm sure she'll do a lovely job.
    plus, red is the colour that i would die my hair. i think the red looked good on you at 17/18

  2. well now seeing as it's for a Wella hair competition with huge opportunities for you to be in the limelight I'd say go for it!
    You can always put some brown on to ease off the red once it's all over, but I reckon you may be kicking yourself if you don't do it.
    Up to you though, no pressure! Them pics certainly do bring back the memories, where's the one of you with a turqouise fringe? xxx


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