Sunday, 13 March 2011

Village Vintage

I picked up the Friday-Ad for the first time in donkey's years while house sitting in the countryside near Cuckfield, and came across a little Ad for a vintage fair in Lindfield, Village Vintage.

Held in the quaint King Edward Hall in Lindfield, I didn't really know what to expect. I've not seen it advertised elsewhere, and it proved to be a little gem of a secret.

The hall was rammed full of stalls and it was a bit of a push to get round everything, fighting through the crowds. This crowd, however, were a little different. Gone were the hordes of 20 somethings, the trendies looking for that Maxi dress no one else will have, replaced by a buzzing crowd of collectors, and a vast majority of yummy mummy's. A very different crowd indeed.

But this made for a different collection of stalls too, lots of habidashery, baby clothes, and homeware, with a few clothes stalls wedged in between. A lovely tea room serving home made cakes, and banners hanging from the walls!

I drooled over many a glamorous frock, having to pass them over as I'm on a very tight Budget right now, but I couldn't pass these by.

An 80's, never been worn, white linen skirt. I think this'll do quite nicely for the Summer, rolling round the seaside:

This red and gold striped dress. The lady who sold it to me told me this used to be her Aunts. A very stylish Aunt indeed! and a snip at £12!

And from the same Aunt, this cute little Boater, for just £5:

Also found a bag and some gloves to go with the dress I have now finally finished. I'm waiting for the weather to improve a little, and then I'll wear the whole outfit to take some pics. Quite excited actually!

Gloves, £3:

Bags, £5 & £3:

In other News, the Mister and I had the pleasure of looking after the Beagles, and also popping in on the parents place. The Beagles look rather happy in my dog's old basket, although it was a bit of a squish!

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. i love it all. quite jealous...
    and i adore the beagles, so cute. have one myself. its been a long time since he's looked like that however

  2. aww you have a beagle too? sadly these aren't mine, I dog sit on the weekends, but then have to hand them back! you'll have to put up a picture of yours so i can have a look : )

    oh, and these 2 are 11years old, but still as handsome as ever



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