Wednesday, 30 March 2011

When it rains, it pours!

These have been a rather bad few days indeed.

After thinking I had successfully killed the recent virus on my laptop, I turned it on on Monday and was greeted by a rather frightening 'FATAL ERROR!' message....rebooted...gone!!! Everything, and I mean everything, has been whipped clean off my laptop!

I had a little cry...then persisted at screaming expletives at the laptop in various languages...then continued screaming expletives at the virus designer...calmed down a tad, and got on with it. It has taken 3 days of research and endless downloads (onto cds!) of data recovery programmes, and at last! I have managed to find everything again : )

The only thing I care about on this laptop are my pictures...and stupidly I have not backed them up anywhere! I have had to spend a pretty penny to get the full version of the programme to recover it all, but I think anyone will be able to understand the pain of losing all your pictures from the past 4 years...

So as of tomorrow, once Dad kindly lends me his external hard drive, I will be all back to normal, and with a stupid amount of posts to put up here, since I never got a chance to after promising I would on Sunday. And lots has happened in the past 3 days!

I will try and attempt to post at least one thing up tonight, as I am sick of reading IT programmes and information. My brain hurts.

Back Soon!



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